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Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2

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Alex said working with Jack was a hoot. And that brings us to the backyard of Wurstfest at Faust Hotel and Brewery. Alex worked with Brewmaster Ray Middledorf for about nine months, tasting and perfecting a brew that has been born and named the Alex Meixner Polka Pilsner.

You want to have a few, dance, have a good time, and still have control of your faculties. The perfect place to enjoy the new brew, other than Wurstfest, is while staying in the Alex Meixner Suite at the Faust Hotel.

Texas Polka News will mark its 30th anniversary in We will be distributing campaign flyers and order Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 to groups through September.

Flyers and forms can also be downloaded from TexasPolkaNews. Adolph's daughter, Kathy Hofner Fielding, will be there, and maybe join the band for a tune or two. Texavia played at the Pearl Stable last year and everyone had a ball. Boasting apartments, 15 restaurants, 13 retailers, and 18 resident businesses, as well as a twice-weekly Farmers Market, Pearl has formed an exciting neighborhood on the upper San Antonio River just north of downtown known as Museum Reach.

The newest addition is Hotel Emma, which opened last fall in the Brewhouse. The polka world has created its own outrageously strong, constantly evolving style. Brave Combo BC is one of the most accurately named bands in the music scene today. Leader and founder Carl Finch has been taking his musical cronies into little known realms of rhythm without fear of repercussion for 37 years. Brave Combo has earned Grammys, performed in movies, written and performed television show soundtracks, been animated in a couple of episodes of The Simpsonsand Bob Dylan covered one of their songs, to give a short list.

Carl continued, "I look at all of these things, but the Hall of Fame means that my adventure through this art - polka - has now been not only recognized, but lauded by people who have been doing this forever. All sounds like a great musical resume. But marching in Macy's parade? BC had been performing as a wandering polka band at the Texas State Fair for several years, when they got several gigs in New York over Thanksgiving weekend in the mid s. On a whim, Carl contacted Macy's Parade officials and asked if they needed another marching band.

All they could say was "No", right? Carl sent in a demo tape, Macy's accepted, and they were playing polka in the parade behind the Woody Woodpecker balloon and in front of Dionne Warwick 's float.

BC had a wandering gig at the State Fair for 10 years until October fests filled their schedule. But this year, they're back. BC will be headlining the main stage on Thurs. The Arkansas side of the street is lined with honky-tonks and the Texas side has a lot of churches. This environment might have influenced Carl to start polkasizing rock-n-roll songs.

In extreme northeast Texas, polka was nonexistent. In the late s, Carl had been collecting 45s and albums while learning about different music genres. Venturing into the local Woolworth's, Carl distinctly remembers it was on the left hand side just at you entered, and there it was, a large stack of polka albums for sale REAL cheap. Not sure what polka sounded like, he bought them all.

Remember, they were REAL cheap. Us record collectors understand. Dragging his growing record collection to college As We Say Goodbye - Colin Bass - In The Meantime Denton, he studied graphic design, art, and music.

Figuring the best way to combine his talents was to form a band. While attempting to figure out which direction to take his music, the Texarkana influence kicked in and he started listening to his polka LP stash more closely, discovering a whole new world of rhythms and musical textures that felt authentic and was nowhere near mainstream music. I was confused about why polka music was always the butt of the joke - why it was always the music that people would use to sell beer and sausage.

Attempting to recreate these rhythms was difficult as they were clueless on the music itself, which was mostly Polish polkas. This accounts for early BC songs having a real fast beat, which over the years Carl said was slowed down to the "peppy" speed of today.

After feeling secure in their musical abilities, BC took a gamble in restructuring worshipped, traditional music and then rebuilding it as something new and refreshing. This theory was applied to all genres. But their version of Ave Maria is played so reverently that you can smell the incense and hear the priests chanting in a huge cathedral. It has never been a joke to us.

BC's mission has also been to expose their followers to the different styles of music from around the globe, such as Skokiaana s SouthAfrican song about making bootleg liquor. Carl has interpreted musical voices from Japanese pop to zydeco to multiple Latin rhythms. A critic noted while attending a BC gig, "You might come for the party, but you will leave with an education. Carl said that one main goal of his band's music is to "destroy people's misconceptions about what's cool in music.

He has been a vegetarian for years and mostly abstinent when it comes to alcohol Texas side of Texarkana. As BC climbed the ladder of success and started logging lots of festival invitations, his diet and non-drinking ways might have irritated the hospitality folks at events that tend to celebrate beer and bratwurst.

When on a bill with Tejano bands, Carl said, "It's a complicated thing, but I wanted to be part of it Tejano festivals even though I knew someone was going to want to go eat cabrito at some point. That funky red top hat that Carl has been wearing for several years is the only fashion statement that he makes on stage.

For years, he wore a black T-shirt and Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 jeans so as not to distract from the music. When he decided to brighten up his stage dress, he hit the jackpot when he found his "fab" red hat at a costume supply shop in Denton.

The very first weekend he wore it was at a gig in Odessa, Texas. One last BC Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2. Westfestheld in the town of West, Texas, is a bastion of Czech polka and waltz music. The festival oozes authentic Czech music like peach filling from a kolache.

BC has been the house band for over 30 years. They were given a corner of a small tent. After the first set, the crowd kept growing. The IPA's acknowledgement of Carl and his music is a refreshing acceptance of the diversification of polka. Unfortunately, Carl won't be able to attend.

That's Westfest weekend! For more information, visit ipapolkas. Read Congrats Carl! Several fellow polka lovers offered their congratulations to Carl Finch, recently inducted into the International Polka Association Hall of Fame. Read the cover story by Gary E. When I first heard them I thought these are unbelievable musicians.

The music was wild, different and so much fun. The Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 was just going crazy. Dancing on the floor, tables, chairs, on the grass. People were eating them up. I used to actually dance those super fast polkas.

Not anymore! That entire CD is my favorite. My favorite tune to watch them get the crowd going has to be the Hokey Pokey or getting the conga line started. People go crazy. These guys are a lot of fun. Carl and I go way back and he has always been professional. He has helped a lot of bands get a chance to play for entirely different audiences.

That's a wild scene. Brave Combo has become a huge part of our festivals in Texas. They know how to play for the people. He and David Slovak playing two accordions together really gets the crowd going. He has done so much good for polka music and the entire polka scene. They created their own style and sound, but can still play traditional style polkas and waltzes.

Brave Combo started a new wave in polka music. Carl has made Texas proud. Polka On! The Jodie Mikula Orchestra. Their recordings of classic tunes like Julida Polka and Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pieplus original tunes and arrangements of the old traditional songs blew me away. I could tell they weren't your normal, everyday polka band. The first time I heard Brave Combo live was at Wurstfest in the s. Me and the late B. They were doing their show in the big tent right across from us.

There were a couple of thousand people, mostly college students partying like crazy with Brave Combo getting them all wound up. It was like a rock concert. We had Carl come over and talk with us on the air afterwards. They were leaving for Holland and a European tour the next day. We feature their recording of Must Be Santa during our Christmas holiday programming.

Carl is a musical genius covering all styles. As I said earlier, they blow me away! We've shared the stage with BC numerous times and the entire group, especially Carl, has been very complimentary and cooperative.

Congratulations, Carl. Roy G. Haag, Litt'l Fishermen. I was raised in a household with a lot of different kinds of music, but that opening of Happy Wanderer was totally shocking for polkas.

I inhaled that record. I would play Lovesick over and over. When I finally heard and met the band in person, years later, it was awesome to jam with them and especially have long conversations with Carl about all the different polka styles and how they cross over to other music. I've greatly enjoyed and respected his dedication to the music - especially since he wasn't "born into it. Bubba Hernandez and I had just started putting the Polka FreakOut project together and we were playing Uzmi for Steve Popovich the famed record man from Cleveland International who was a deep Serbian tamburasi and Carl came running over with such an excitement for the music- as the phrasing, structure was different than many polkas.

We talked for about an hour about all of the intricacies of the style. It just struck me that he had won Grammys, performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, and had maintained his pure love of music.

Something I have watched only continue to grow in the years since. Congrats, Carl! The recognition is long overdue. Thank you for all you have done to inspire other musicians and entertain so many audiences in all of these years. Viva La Musica! Alex Meixner. I was 16 and had just begun to listen to rock-n-roll by choice, but when I thought of hearing polka, I expected the traditional stuff. It took a little while to get over that, but their energy was infectious, and I'm hyper, so it became symbiotic.

Flying Saucer is one of my favorite BC tunes. It's fast, it's loud, it reminds me of being a child and imagining cool things. Another fave isn't a polka, it's a South African folk song called Skokiaan.

Carl and Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 guys can deliver that song like no other! Carl and the musicians he works with are musical chameleons. They can work any crowd. I wish I could have been there when they did the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands in I listened to the audio of that concert, and listened to the man introduce them in Dutch and the audience's reaction. Then, I heard how the audience just went wild and stayed wild for the rest of the show by the second song.

All of a sudden, polka was cool. My very favorite memory of seeing BC in concert was when Ross and I were on our honeymoon in Ennis in I Got Rhythm - Various - 16 Pure Gold Vol. 8 invited Alex Meixner to play some songs. WOW, what a show! Carl invites Ross and I up to help lead Edelweiss from time to time, and he asks me to teach Schottisch lessons during their shows.

He's always been very kind to help promote me and our band. He's asked me to jodel Auf Der Jodeleralm with them a few times. He sings the words, I jodel, then we get distracted headbanging. My dad got a picture of it from the Saint Arnold Brewery Oktoberfest. Valina Polka, Das Ist Lustig. I questioned the existence of Brave Combo when they first came onto the scene.

I thought they were making fun of polka music, but I came to realize that was not the case at all. I have come to completely appreciate their musicianship and friendship. This was the day after they won their first Grammy. It was an exciting time. Flying Saucer is one of Sittin In The Dark - Carolyne Mas - Mas Hysteria favorite BC tunes, but there are many others.

In fact, this performance completed Brave Combo performing in all 50 United States. Carl Finch has a vast knowledge of the musical genre we know as polka music.

I always enjoy our conversations. He exposed me to some great performers from Texas and beyond. Chuck Stastny, Polka Connection. I really liked them. My parents had a couple of their records. But some of the things that stand out to me are the performances that Carl gives.

You always know when you experience and leave a Brave Combo show you get their best and they give everything they have to their performances.

Carl has truly expanded polka music, exposing so many to the music and art that would never had otherwise experienced it. Congratulations, Carl! This honor is greatly deserved. Trey Sylvester, Ennis Czech Boys. I was around the age of 10, and already playing polka music. I guess you could say I was studying them before even I knew I was. Carl is an amazing person with an amazing work ethic that is only surpassed by the ginormous amount of passion he puts into polka music.

Whether he's playing or working to help others understand how badly this world needs to polka, he's doing it with all of him. He has been deserving of this great honor for quite some time now.

Jerry Petter, Ennis Czech Boys. I was blown away by their versatility and Утратил Цвета - Нулевой Эффект - EP 2010 of different polka-style music from all over the world.

I was impressed with Carl's keyboard playing and vocal skills. That CD really shows off the "monster" musical talent of the group. Their rendition of the Hokey Pokey is my favorite crowd pleaser. I really get a kick out of watching the wide range of ages getting wild and crazy on the dance floor.

My favorite memory of jamming with BC would have to be the jam session at my 40th birthday party in Hungerford. It was awesome to share the spotlight with Carl for three tunes, along with my brother, Mark, and the late, great Tommy Strmiska on drums. Carl, thanks for your always daring and refreshing approach to polka. You've opened minds everywhere. John Dujka, Dujka Brothers. The raves I heard about BC proved to be true. I loved Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2.

The most novel instrument was the percussion pole with all the beer caps and the crowd loved it every time it was brought out. Later another Melody 5 band member and I ran sound for them at Sefcik Hall - got to know Danny O'Brien, incredible trumpet player and the rest of the band from that point of view. That was fun and interesting but nerve racking as I wanted everything to be up to their expectations. Worked out great and had a blast. Carl has kept the whole thing going which is a credit to his passion for BC music and music mastery which draws from every genre and style.

He is a great showman and knows how to get the crowd involved. Lots of songs get the crowd going but after several adult beverages I always liked the conga line!! Congrats Carl - well deserved!! Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to twirl your partner around the floor! Pearl Stablein partnership with San Antonio jazz legend Doc Watkins, is proud to present live regional music every Wednesday night July 6 through August See more photos by Gary E.

Special appearance by Adolph's daughter, Kathy Fielding. Co-sponsored by Texas Polka News. Schroeder Hallthe legendary South Central On A Saturday Night - Steve Bassett - On A Saturday Night dance hall, built in the late s, has reopened its doors after a brief respite and will be featuring Chris Rybakon Saturday, July Schroeder, still owned by Doug Guller, Austin-based restaurant and dancehall owner, has a new manager, Corrine Abbott.

Corrine is a native of El Campo, and has a degree in food and beverage management from the University of Houston. She has brought her Wharton County roots to Schroeder and is presently booking polka bands to perform on a regular basis.

On November 19th, all cattle trails and roads will lead to the hall as Schroederfest will commence a day-long celebration of BBQ cookoffs, adult beverages full barvendors, singing in the courtyard with Jon Stork, and culminating with The Charlie Daniels Band that evening. As the cooler months come around, Marty Haggard and Kevin Fowler will perform on the same stage that has seen a variety of legends. Chris, the Accordion Cowboy, is a natural fit for this venue as it resides in the early Spanish ranching grants that date back to the late s.

Cattle were driven from this area to Louisiana to feed the Spanish forces fighting the British during the American Revolution. Chris' influences have been a combination of Myron Floren and the Jimenez brothers — Flaco and Santiago — with a strong Hank Williams flavor.

During World War I, the name Clifton Grove - Nottingham Jazz Orchestra - Festival Suite changed to a little less Teutonic-sounding name, Schroeder, which was in honor of a resident killed fighting the Germans in Europe.

Visit schroederhall. Schroeder Hall is roughly between Goliad and Victoria and has a self-contained RV park across the road for those travelers who wish to stay the night and explore this history-filled area of Texas. Blog A place to discuss and share anything polka!

McKee Uncategorized. Photo by Michael Ira Case. Terry at Riverwalk Bier Garten. Alpine Express Band. Wurstfest By Theresa Cernoch Parker Featured in the October issue of Texas Polka News Some musicians are born with instruments in their hands, others choose an instrument with the guidance of a school band director, and then there are careers launched by random moments of fate.

Alpine Village Band. The Dogensteins. Bob invites everyone to the Taiton Community Center on Sunday, July 30, to help the band celebrate its 10th year anniversary from pm. Ken, Nick, Andy Mikula. JMO JMO s. Jodie Mikula. Praha Picnic Cameron, Corey, Andy Mikula. JMO today. Lost Cause Band. Alicia with David Steffek, Moravia Store. Engagement photo. More Moravia Store fun. LCB at Moravia Store.

Having fun on stage. Wedding day. Tim jams with Dujka Brothers at wedding reception. DZ with his dad, Raymond, in the Texas Dutchmen, s. DZ with Ernie Kucera band, early s.

DC sight-seeing. DZ, surrounded by family, was honored at National Polka Festival for serving as director. McKee When you want to create an event to promote polka, who ya gonna call? Danny Z!

The hippie days. Farm boys. Bohemian Land Jacht docked in Ammannsville July 5, Heritage Fest, Oct. Vintage Dujkas. John and that well-worn tuba. Mark and John with mom and dad and Grandma Brossmann. First Place. Second Place. Third Place. Honorable Mention. Hector Aguilar, second place; Justin Hickman, third place. Cheers to 10 Years! Czech, Please! Chris on Mollie B Polka Party. With Shiner brewmasters.

First accordion. Playing in dad's band. Singing with dad mid s. At the Eifel Tower. On the Rhein River With Pat Matula at Fiddlers Frolics. Texas Ren Fest. McKee Chris Rybaka Hallettsville native, was surrounded by music from day one, as he was born into the sounds of his father's band, the Leroy Rybak's Swinging Orchestra, a fixture on the polka scene for over 40 years.

Jack Black and Alex Meixner. They have several nice tunes and several of the band members, particularly Kasia Mychajlyshyn, have attractive voices. Unfortunately, the arrangements and production are colorless.

Liner notes are useless. I really like the songs "Wally G. This album contains a couple of nice songs but has an overall sameness of sound that makes me think that Joey recorded most of the parts himself on synth. C [Read Toby Hanson's remarks. The rest of the album didn't move me. This album has plenty of polkas and plenty of concertina. The performance, arrangements and production are all highly polished -- unfortunately, you need to understand Spanish to appreciate the highly-politicized lyrics.

Includes an attractive full-color booklet with practically no content. Their performances are excellent, but the lyrics just aren't funny. C- [] [Vendor: www. Is this really what Les Paul had in mind when he invented multitrack recording? Nice voice, though. C- [] [Available through www. The Wiggles are a children's musical group from Sydney, Australia, who've Hway 29 - Autumn K.

Dial - Wanted: Autumn K. Dial And Her Guitar multi-millionaires through their live performances, recordings, merchandizing, theme parks and television shows. If you're ready to barf from listening to Barney the Dinosaur, try the Wiggles instead, they're much less insipid. The CD comes with a The Lord Is My Strength - Morris Chapman - Come Away booklet that includes complete lyrics but, inexplicably, no credit for composers and songwriters.

Slapdash production and no liner notes. Charming but 'way too folkloric for me. Packaging is major-label quality. This CD is no exception. D [ Humppa is a traditonal Finnish polka-like folk dance, recently revitalized and rocked up by several Finnish bands, somewhat like Brave Combo has done with American polka music.

This attractively packaged CD contains seventeen tracks of energetic music fronted by a man with an unattractive voice singing about "Humppa" -- yes, it comes up in every song. Too bad they don't always play in tune. The sound quality is awful, there are too many slow songs and the lengthy liner notes are in German only.

On the positive side, the CD is over 70 minutes, the notes list the date of recording or release I wish everyone did that16 bands are represented and there's even a bit of hammered dulcimer. Interestingly, Trikont's US distributor is Other Music, best known as a source for alternative, indie, experimental and electronic music. D [] Fantasztyczne Li'l Wally, Jay Jay There's a joke about a woman who returns from her vacation complaining about the resort, "The food was absolute poison.

There are just two polkas, both done in a gentle Slovenian style. Liner notes are complete, crediting all songwriters and musicians including talented multi-instrumentalist Tom Brusky.

I could have done without the children's chorus, however. Not rated because it's not a polka CD. Get it? Anyway Da Yoopers are known for the kind of songs we used to sing on the summer camp bus. They're either sophomoric or ribald, depending on your taste. I kinda like it. The production is first-rate, sounding neither like a field recording nor a goopy Nashville session. The liner notes are bare-bones. Unrated because it's not a polka CD but recommended nevertheless. While there's only one polka on this album, it's one of the most enjoyable rock albums I've heard in years.

Not rated because it's not a polka album. There are plenty of original novelty tunes by bandleader Tom Torriglia, one of the founders of Those Darn Accordions. I hope they get themselves a really good singer and head into the studio sometime soon. The traditional banda repertoire includes plenty of polkas, waltzes and marches. This CD, by one of the most famous banda groups, is nice but has too few polkas to be of interest to readers of this page.

I'll look for something else to recommend instead. Not rated. In other words, the polka blanketed Europe with the exception of the Iberian peninsula, the Mediterranean, and parts of the Balkan peninsula.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the immigrants brought it to the New World. In Canada, the Ukrainians were important purveyors of polka. And from Mexico all the way down to Uruguay, wherever Germans went, the polka went with them.

Read Jolly James' brief essay on the spread of polka and Troy Gawlak on the polka dance. You can make an approximate timeline for polka styles. Before aboutthe music consisted largely of the tunes and musical styles brought over from the old country. Aboutthe Eastern style emerged, influenced by the big band sound of contemporary American popular music.

Following the Eastern style came the Cleveland or Slovenian polka aboutthe Chicago Honky about and the Chicago Push about While the names of these four Slavic styles are well established, nobody seems to have named the stages in the development of Germanic or Hispanic polka.

Read Gene Mikrut on the Non Ti Scordar Di Me - Luciano Virgili - Le Più Belle Di Luciano Virgili in polka music, and Paul Gifford on the various polka styles.

Well, these are just my opinions, but here goes. The polka is a dance and dance music. The polka is a lively couple-dance in a moderately fast duple meter. It probably began in Bohemia around as a round-dance. It soon swept Europe and was adopted by ballroom and art composers e. By the late 19th century, European immigrants had brought it to North America.

See Maja Trochimczyk's essay on the history of the polka dance. Also see Troy Gawlak. The polka is American. In spite of the fact that polkas are played in Canada, Mexico, and even Paraguay, the U. For Polish-Americans, the polka is a focal point for ethnic identity.

For most polka-loving ethnic groups, the polka is just one of several dances that they enjoy. But for many Polish-Americans, it has become a cultural icon, having replaced the church as the center around which communal and familial bonding is ordered. When working to promote cultural continuity, other groups might organize summer camps, parades, or language instruction for the children.

Polish-Americans, on the other hand, go to polka dances with their families, sometimes wearing outfits of red and white, the Polish national colors.

What is "old time music"? Victor Greene describes old time music as the Americanized and commercialized form of the peasant dances from the German, Czech, Polish, Hungarian-Gypsy, Ukrainian, Swedish, Italian, and Jewish ethnic groups. In other words, it's a superset of polka music. On the other hand, most Americans use the term "old time music" to refer to the pre-bluegrass music of the southern Appalachian region -- music with English, Irish and Scottish roots and a strong African influence.

In the polka world, the term "old time music" is seldom used outside of Minnesota and Wisconsin. What's the difference between a "two step" and a "polka"? The way I understand it, the music is very similar, but the dances are different. Some ballroom dancers will choose to two-step or to polka based on the tempo of the music. Read what Mike Surratt has to say about polka rhythms. What are polka lyrics about?

The writings of Joe Rodgers Yella In Deze Margielas - DJ Frank WhiteYung Bleu - Investments 2 Usenet see alt.

While my knowledge is still superficial, here's what I've learned so far. Joe points out that the Polish lyrics in most Polish-American polkas come from the folk songs of Poland. Those folk songs cover a wide range of themes such as insect songs "Mosquito Polka" cf.

American-written polkas present a radical departure from these themes, centering instead on dancing, drinking, and familial and romantic love. The "Down Home Polka," by Dan Gury of the Dynadukes, sings the praises of home and hearth in a way almost unheard of outside of the American polka. Polka presents an interesting contrast with country music. Since the days of Jimmie Rodgers, country lyrics have expressed feelings of wanderlust, conflict, loss, and heartache, as well as dealing with the topics of infidelity, crime, imprisonment, and death.

He also notes that people looking for polka lyrics should start with the Li'l Wally Songbooks. In the polka world, things were different. The parents were less assimilated and still danced to polka bands. The kids were still living close to home and themselves danced to polka music at weddings and dances.

The polka boomers were not so much interested in a New Ethnicity because they still participated in the old one. As a result, the polka world was not re-invigorated in the 's the way the klezmer world was. I'm pleased to say that some people thought I had a good theory. Is there anything you'd like to add to what you said last year?

I think the CD market is still strong, Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 if the live audiences seemed to have dropped a little Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 the past Mall Flashback - Boris Elkis - A Perfect Getaway years.

Our business is steadily increasing each year, but that may not be a market indicator, as new people are discovering our individual business. Do you think that legal downloads will replace CD sales? No, I don't see that being an issue in the Polka Music market, as there are too many independent producers of the music, and none including Jimmy K Polkas seem anxious to explore this area.

My thoughts: There were no big changes this year. The attendance at dances and the release of new CDs continues its slow decline. There's still plenty of amazing polka music being played and recorded. Maybe if we hold out another 10 years, there will be a revival of interest in polka music, as there has been in Europe. But see why Joe Rodgers doesn't think that will happen. Should the polka be de-ethnicized? The polka world is changing. The ethnic groups that once danced the polka in places like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Cleveland, or Chicago started leaving for the suburbs decades ago.

Nearly all the polka clubs are gone from those cities, as well as most of the bands. There is no more Polish Broadway. In response, polka lovers have been struggling with what to do so that the polka might regain -- or at least preserve -- some of its glory.

One particularly emotional part of the debate has been over the ethnic character of polkas. Here are some of the arguments, pro and con. PRO: The name "polka" should be replaced because it evokes ridicule. Similarly "Salsa" was a new marketing term successfully used to promote Latino music from the Caribbean during the 60s and 70s.

And the Spanish word "Salsa" didn't de-emphasize the Latino origins of the Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2but instead blurred regional distinctions the word included both Cuban and Puerto Rican music.

The word "polka" already does that. PRO: De-ethicizing polkas would increase their appeal to Americans particularly younger listeners who don't identify ethnically. After all, Frankie Yankovic recorded and performed mainly in English. CON: Polish lyrics ought to be be promoted because they have the emotional power to stir Theres No Other Like My Baby - The Beach Boys - The Capitol Years hearts of the listeners.

And the new energy brought to polkas by Li'l Wally was driven by his unapologetic association with his Polish roots Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 frequent use of Polish in his singing and recording. Here's what long-time polka musician Don Lucki had to say: "I think Polish vocals are fine, but Razorcut - Gone Are Those Days. the same time it will not have the same impact on the people that don't understand the language, the general public.

It drastically decreases your already small audience, which is not something we should be doing to try to involve a bigger audience. Polish vocals do have their place, though, but they should be more thoughtfully used.

If we want to expand our audience and expose and get them interested in polka music, this has to be more than a consideration. He sold a lot of records with that tune and helped him make a comeback. The few books in print are wholly inadequate there is no Rough Guide to polkas.

The liner notes with most polka CDs don't list the dates of the recording sessions nor the names of the musicians. Even the otherwise-exhaustively-thorough All Music Guide is limited to about six polka artists.

I can only hope that I make some small contribution to changing the current state of affairs. After all, I put up the first page Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 the Web devoted to Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs in the mids.

Now there are about six Bon Matin Ma Rose - Les Kanto* - Serais-Tu Un De Mes Amis? sites that cover their career. Everything here is based solely on my own Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2.

If you spot any errors, please drop me a note. You're also invited to share your thoughts about your favorite polka albums. Last updated October 6, Obviously you put a good deal of time into what you do and it shows.

Thank you for the gracious mentions and thank you for putting construction time in for polka music. I for one truly appreciate all of your efforts. I've been meaning to send this note your way for quite some time but shame on me.

In case you don't remember, banda "band" is the northern Mexican Avalon - Teddy Wilson - The Touch Of Teddy Wilson style that features big brass bands playing dance music which includes a generous helping of polkas. The sharp dressed men of Banda Machos have been performing since and have honed a style some call Techno Banda because of its use of electric bass, synthesizer, and drum kit, alongside the traditional Supaderb - Piano Thang and percussion.

In addition to their rhinestone cowboy Charge The Guns (Demo Version) - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Psychosis Safari, mugging, and occasional dance moves, Banda Machos demonstrates consistently high standards of musicianship. They're in fine form and How To (Stop) - Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos - Moto Fuzz like they're having a good time, just like I do whenevr I watch them.

Nice graphic design by Matthew Fass, though liner notes describing the tunes would have been nice. The group is built around the four Hucal siblings, with the addition of Bill Hawryschuk 's drumming and Karen Aniol 's wonderful violin playing. His voice is always wonderful, his songwriting is excellent and his recorded output Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 always professionally produced.

Not only that, he was the first person to write and tell me he liked my polka website. It's a marvelous tearjerker and I love it you can see them perform it live on Youtube.

Every track is to be savored and the liner notes are the best. This is the compilation I would have programmed if they hadn't thought of it first. Most of the songs are original and they're top notch, as is the performance, the mix and the packaging. The Polkaholix sound reminds me a bit of Polkacide or Babylon Circus.

After you buy this CD, go out and get Denkste! A [] [Vendor: Grooves-Inc. Ed Goldberg and the Odessa Klezmer Band, self-published,Because most of the 19th century interest in polka music centered around the "polka belt," which stretched north from Croatia all the way to Norway, there wasn't much overlap with klezmer music, whose compass was to the east, in particular Romania and Moldavia. But Ed Goldberg is surely the man to make the match.

But what makes it particularly appropriate is that kishka is eaten by both gentiles and Jews: the gentile version is often a blood sausage; the Jewish version is made with chicken fat and grain. Whichever you prefer, buy this CD and enjoy!

A Note: the album was a second place winner in the Klezmer category of the Just Plain Folks awards. I've loved his theater organ playing sincewhen I bought a CD of his duets with pianist David Harris.

Now you can hear him play the "Clarinet Polka" on the Kimball-Wurlitzer at the Organ Piper Music Palace in Greenfield, Wisconsin, and enjoy two of life's pleasures at once -- the mighty A Thousand Arms (Five Hundred Hearts) - Various - 24 Country Hits Vol.

III and polka music. The music is great duh! A total delight. Then grab your credit card and buy this CD. Includes an Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 booklet with liner notes by Carl Finch. A [] [Vendor: www.

It's your chance to hear one of the Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 bands of New Wave Polka. Back in the day, Rotondi named for an eccentric vegetarian author from California could be found playing on the same bill with Brave Combo and Polkacide. The band members were a wickedly talented bunch: lead singer Tony Patellis went on to a career in theater but in Rotondi, he was a powerful and expressive vocalist.

Mike Rose, who lent his classic sax chops to "She's the Lion," a Paul Lacques original with an Mbube-like groove, has played with the Ventures and done much other session work.

All the music is original, written or co-written by Paul Lacques, the mad genius who put this wild bunch together. Paul has started or performed with more bands than almost any human alive today.

Overall, the material ranges from manic to sweetly charming. Good liner notes by Christopher Monger. A [Rated "B" on; raised to "A" on ] [Vendor: www. Each tune features about five tamburitzas, all played by Grcevich, who also wrote all the music. Styles range from traditional to Baroque to pop and beyond. No polkas, but you should buy this anyway. Cedric was formerly with Whoopee John. If you want to join the fun, buy the CD.

A [; revised ] [Vendor: www. Ed then recorded an entirely new band to accompany the Spetich tracks. The result is excellent. The band -- including Frankie -- totally rocks, with a sound I would call "neo Slovenian.

All instrumental. A [; rev. Jimmy K says: "This is one of the most Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 recordings we've received from Lynn Marie. Lynn's vocals are solid and pleasant, the music is very polished. Not real traditional, but real good!

The arrangements are generally characteristic of each country, with the addition of a bit of electric guitar. Performances, production and packaging are all major-label quality. My only complaint is that Wild Wilson got to this before me -- darn you, Wild Man! Liner notes are in German. What makes that song so Bela Bartok* - Herzog Blaubarts Burg Op.

11 - Bluebeards Castle, Op. 11 -- along with much of the rest of the album -- are the enchanting triple-tracked vocals by Marilyn Lange. Thanks to excellent production and engineering she sounds a bit Carniverous Swarm - Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague the McGuire Sisters.

Back that up with a sharp 8-piece oom-pah band and they achieve a sound unlike any other polka band I know of. Recording Orchestra, Polkaland CD, original LPs released and A fine Wisconsin Bohemian album from Dick Rodgers, who started the band inwhen he was still in high school, and led it through The songs London Traffic - The Jam - This Is The Modern World interesting and peppy, the 8-man band plays with skill and gusto, the arrangements are top-notch, and the stereo separation is crisp.

While a more modern recording would have a fatter bass sound, the transfer to CD is very clean Did they have access to the original tapes? I love almost every tune, but two stand above the others: "Stop Inn Saturday Night" is a fine tribute to the polka bands that were their contemporaries, such as the Six Fats, Lawrence Duchow, Alvin Styczynski, and Don Schlies; and the "Polish Falcon Polka" totally swings.

Note that five other Dick Rodgers CDs have the same title as this one -- you have to tell them apart by their album numbers! Whether you call it neo-folk, world music, or roots music, it's breathtaking and beautiful. Grzegorz Ciechowski's great remix of traditional Polish folk singing with dance grooves reminds me of Deep Forest.

Jamaican and Polish singers collaborate on the poignant "Joint Zelene," singing in both English and Polish. They play a sher "scissors dance"which is a kind of Jewish square dance.

If you know Chudoba and you should, if you've been paying attention to my reviewsthey're also represented here. Liner notes are thorough and in English. This CD is hot, hot, hot! Sounds a bit like Vallenato an afro-caribbean style from Colombia or cumbia. I imagine that the Buena Vista Social Club would sound like this if they were playing polkas. Kryner, BMG Global. Kryner presents 13 familiar tunes, ranging from "Stardust" to "Like a Virgin," all flawlessly performed in the oompa brass oberkrainer style.

These six brilliant musicians from Austria have been hugely popular in Germany, playing a style that originated in Slovenia. Lyrics are in English; the lovely booklet is in German.

CD was released in It's not polka, but you should buy it anyway. A [ Revised ] [Vendor: www. The sound is lush and extravagant I'd call it "swing band on steroids" and features the smooth vocal stylings of The Golden Voices of the Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 Procanyn Orchestra. You'll hear polkas, straight big band, and Dixieland, all performed to perfection by a group of nameless musicians except the drummer, who's credited.

Walt contributes his usual excellent graphic design. Best classical polka CD I've heard so far. Real liner notes. Alison Krauss's hauntingly beautiful vocal on "Dream Lover" transforms the old Bobby Darin tune into a touching love song. It's very listenable and often downright beautiful; the recording is excellent, and the performances sparkle.

They specialize in folk tunes from Galicia and neighboring areas, reinterpreting them with an array of acoustic instruments Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 include Jew's harp, mandolin, guitar, violin, dulcimer and flute. Good liner notes in English. Buy this CD! A [] [Vendor: CD Roots www. I call it non-stop fun from an amazingly eclectic band. Their music ranges from soca to bluegrass in the same song! I'll just say that they're totally amazing.

Liner notes in both English and German. The CD booklet has lavish graphics and extensive notes in Slovenian. It ain't all polkas but it's a gas. Thanks to Greg Brown for giving me the heads-up about this fun group. The CD runs only 34 minutes, but Louie -- like L'il Wally -- has a wonderful polka voice and a warmth that makes you feel like you've been invited to a party. Raised to "A" on Sure, there are no liner notes and it sounds like the vocals were recorded in a wash tub, but the album is so cheerful that I keep listening to it over and over.

Excitement" in my book. Sure there's a bit too much synthesizer and the vocals are uneven, but this CD puts a smile on my face every time.

The songs range from bright-sounding Slovenian to sweet Czech, with Polish and German rounding out the mix. One website called them "German folk-punk with polka and gypsy stylings. There's a nuclear polka version of Piaf's "Padam Padam. Good booklet, too. Goldenstein Goldenstein has given us a generous 73 minutes of music collected from old records.

All the music is "Dutch Hop," i. The arrangements cover a pretty wide range from big band to hoedown, but it all Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 an appealing lilt. Some even reminds me of Scandinavian polkas. Because Take That To The Bank - Collage * Midnight Star * Shalamar * The Whispers - The Solar System the age of the recordings, the sound quality is not so good, with the result that the hammered dulcimer -- characteristic of the Dutch Hop -- can be hard to distinguish.

On some songs, the accordion player does an amazing imitation of a violin. Considering the care that the producer lavished on this project, the liner notes are surprisingly poor. I say that that's his charm. Finally I can hear what those Eastern-style bands must have sounded like their heyday. Not only is the sound quality good, but the arrangements are rich and varied, and show off the breadth of Wagner's band.

They can Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 like Witkowski Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 Sturr or a straight big band. I particularly like Walt's singing on the minor key "In the Pines Polka. I only wish the notes had made clear which song is associated with which of those bands. Otherwise, the notes are ok, crediting the musicians and songwriters. The excellent album art is uncredited, probably produced by some nameless drudge at Disk Makers.

Twenty songs, 72 minutes. Best Eastern-style polka CD I've heard so far. Flaco joins in duets with a variety of singers and plays button accordion throughout. Of sixteen tracks, one is a polka instrumental and seven are rancheras sung to a polka beat. Compiled from five other Arhoolie CDs of varying vintage so the sound quality is uneven but it's a lot of fun anyway.

They have a brilliant yet sweet tone. Their arrangements are of symphonic quality, employing more counterpoint than one usually expects from a polka band, and totally devoid of schmaltz. The tunes are mostly Polish, but there is one outstanding doo-wop number. There is plenty of variety, including two songs with vocals. The drumming is excellent -- listen for where Reinhard Hoffman doesn't play. There is a bit too much echo for my taste and the limited liner notes are in German.

At first I hated all three albums. They're loud and irritating like a drunken A Brand New Pair - Various - One Year when you're trying to get some sleep.

I began to notice a real tunefulness under the noise. It turns out that those are the cumbias -- not the All About Housemusic (Milk & Sugar Global Mix) - Yves Murasca - All About Housemusic Edition #2 cumbias of Mexico or Columbia, but cumbias that smack you upside the head.

There are also polkas, played with all the energy and finesse of a good garage band. The rest of the repertoire I Just Learned To Walk - Bloodstone - Riddle Of The Sphinx of chotes schottisches and mazurkas which I found less compelling. All instrumental, no liner notes. She plays polkas, waltzes, reinlanders and a couple marches, all with verve and skill.

Jerry Bravo and Butch Kresovich accompany her with admirable subtlety. But don't be fooled by the snow-covered mountains on the CD cover -- this Norwegian fiddler lives and works in Florida. Add a pinch of raunch from the Fugs, and what would you get? I have no idea. But that's the only way I can think of to describe the manic, sometimes vulgar, good-time music of Polkacide. Buy this album. LynnMarie markets herself as a mainstream artist, but this is the best "alternative" polka album I've heard yet.

Her "Cleveland, the Polka Town" is amazing. She brings new life to the hoary old "Beer Barrel Polka. And the list goes on. LynnMarie and Charlie Kelley, her outstanding arranger, have done a dynamite job. The sound quality is a bit weak in places, but Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 every song is a gem.

No liner notes what a shame! Even Lawrence Welk is represented, and he sounds great. Carl Finch Velvet Elvis - Adrenalin O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus make the selections. The sound quality is good, even the stereo is mostly good.

Packaging is attractive but the liner notes Meth Teng - The Bug - EGR45-00002 (vs. Sleng Teng) list the musicians. Just 80 minutes of music is spread across two CD's Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 In spite of its 2nd Movement Minuet - Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa, it's a must-have.

A [] [ I see that you can get this on Amazon. If you don't already own it, buy it NOW! Becky Livermore has a great voice and there is some terrific harmony singing here -- even a bit of yodeling!

The arrangements are understated but excellent. The packaging is nice and the liner notes list the band members. Too bad that the Manifest - Hot Roddy - A Lively Appreciation Of Doom are uncredited e. Quite Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 few slow songs, but I love it anyway.

Die Schlauberger plays some polka, some Alpine, some bubblegum and some reggae, and they do it all well. This CD is so good that I barely noticed that the lyrics are nearly all in German. Buy it, it's an "A. Twenty-two mostly Polish polkas and waltzes, though one of my favorite tunes is the Czech-style "Moravia Polka" by Mark Halata. The album has a strong Texas Country-and-Western flavor maybe that's true Tatra mountain fiddling in there, but it sure sounds like a square dance to me.

I like it all, even the booklet. Thanks go to my brother-in-law, without whom I would have missed this band entirely, since they're usually booked as a "folk" act rather What You Wont Do For Love - Arthur King & Uncle T - Gangsta Boogie as a polka band.

While the Dujka Brothers are considered a Texas-Czech act, much of the album sounds Slovenian to me, with two accordions in front and bass guitar carrying the bottom. Nevertheless, the infectious cheerfulness and quality of the arrangements, as well as the album's length and variety earn it an "A. The vocals are perfect and the arrangements sparkle. The songs range from typical polkas to a tarantella "Butcher Boy"from a bit of cocktail jazz to "Come Back to Sorrento.

The sound is a bit weak in the treble, most likely because of the need for noise reduction in transcribing from the early recordings. The slim booklet is unusually good, listing sidemen with pictures! The album could have benefited from a competent producer, but the producer would probably have made Wally sound like Frankie Yankovic so what's the point? I say: kick back, enjoy Wally's incomparable sincerity and the occasional snatches of inspired improvisation by the uncredited sidemen.

I don't know what I was hoping for -- Polkacide? But I keep coming back for more Li'l Wally. I'm raising my rating to an A. While it has some of the studio sound that plagues Miskulin's Country Polkatime album, it fares better due to Gomulka's songwriting ability and great voice, as well as the interesting arrangements. Be sure to click on the links and follow us on various social media. Monday, May 18, We did some "straight" Smothers, so we needed to do some "usual" Smothers. Their humor was exactly down my alley, and their music was as well.

They just make it good Mute Requiem - Quo Vadis - Day Into Night around! Friday, May 15, Okay, so here is a funny one. My parents picked this up for me at an antique store. I should say that I'm sure my dad is the one who found it and purchased it. However, I think my mom was more excited about it out of both of them. It was in rough condition, so I told them I would clean it up and give it a shot.

Thursday, May 14, When I first saw this album, I could have sworn Laura looked like someone else famous. I knew I did not know her because the name didn't ring a bell.

However, her style and her look, it reminded me of someone famouslike a movie star. Then I flipped the cover over to see if she was on the back.

Was that a different person? The front and the back don't even look like the same person! What is this?? Wednesday, May 13, We attempted to listen to Les Paul on one of the 45 Binge features. The issue was that the entire 45 record skipped. I was disappointed because I knew that Les Paul was an outstanding guitar player but had only heard a few songs that he did with Mary Ford. This album was all about Les, so I was excited to give it a listen. Tuesday, May 12, This one is a little different.

When I was helping remove some carpet from a church, I was given this record. It had been in a closet, and it was still sealed. Part of me didn't want to open it, but the other part of me felt I had to. Seeing as it was an old album and a local album, I figured there were several people who were featured on this record but not able to enjoy it. Monday, May 11, I will let you all in on a little secret.

When I am listening to a record and it skips, it takes the wind out of my sails almost completely. A skipping record makes me want to put them Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 away and not deal with them anymore. This was a skipping disappointment. Friday, May 8, The album promised me 40 songs. I have been listening to these things long enough to know that there will not be 40 full songs on a single record.

However, the medley of Polka Medley: My Melody Of Love / Smiles - Good Music Polka Band - Its A Polka Party Tape 2 were actually done seamlessly. In fact, it seemed like the songs chosen for each track fit perfectly together. Thursday, May 7, We have seen Dukes of Dixieland alreadyand I was very much pleased with their music.


Go It Alone (Andrew Rayel Remix) - Dash Berlin - #musicislife #deluxe, Sittin In The Dark - Carolyne Mas - Mas Hysteria, Change The Game - DJ Smooth Denali* Presents Jay-Z - Whos The Greatest MC? Volume 2.1, The Lord Is My Strength - Morris Chapman - Come Away, Hades - Black Resonance - Azure Syndrome (File, Album), Freestyle Noize - Freestylers - We Rock Hard, Believe Me - The Royal Teens - Original Short Shorts & Others, Bamberg Symphony* - Tchaikovsky-Weber-Strauss, Capriccio Russo - Luis Cobos - Russian Romance, Freestyle Noize - Freestylers - We Rock Hard, Piano Quartet In A Minor, Op. 31 - Catoire* – Room-Music - Piano Trio Op. 14 • Piano Quartet Op. 31, Chris Turner - Todays Tomorrow




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