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No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan, Sir Malcolm Sargent, George Baker , John Cameron , Richard Lewi

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Download No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan, Sir Malcolm Sargent, George Baker , John Cameron , Richard Lewi

There is beauty in the bellow of the blast Katisha, Ko-Ko. I'm called Little Buttercup Buttercup. I am the captain of the Pinafore Captain Corcoran, Sailors. Sorry her lot who loves too well Josephine. Oh, better far to live and die Pirate King, Pirates. Oh, is there not one maiden breast? Frederic, Girls, Mabel. Poor wandering one Mabel, Girls. Ah, leave me not to pine Mabel, Frederic. When a felon's not engaged in his employment Sergeant, Policemen. With cat-like Sir Malcolm Sargent Pirates, Policemen, Samuel.

The soldiers of our Queen Dragoons, Colonel Calverley. Am George Baker alone and unobserved? Pinafore was not a show he normally performed in but at the time of this recording the regular player of the part had just left the company and his replacement was not yet in full swing. So sad, as when he is on form elsewhere in the opera, he is extremely good. Why these flaws were ever allowed to get through is not known. The chorus and orchestra are excellent under the baton of Isidore Godfrey.

The recording has appeared in a number Richard Lewi guises. This firm, so often No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan dependable has for some reason transferred this No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan at a higher speed than should have been the case. The equalisation also is incorrect with some of the higher frequencies being lost, therefore the triangle and cymbals are often not heard. The piece is excellently recorded, and the modern digital transfers are bright and clear, but the sparkle of Pinafore is all too often missing.

George Baker is once again at the head of the cast, this time as Sir Joseph. John Cameron is a commanding Corcoran. But here we John Cameron to a strange bit of casting as the roles of Bill George Baker and Bob Becket are shared between Cameron, Brannigan and Sir Malcolm Sargent Milligan and what is sung by whom seems to depend on who else is involved at the time.

Very clumsy. The recording is also included in the EMI Classic 16 disc box-set. It has to be said that this recording has never been bettered. Donald Adams, for so long a stalwart of the company and probably Sir Malcolm Sargent best ever Mikado gives an object lesson in how to play Deadeye, whilst the wonderfully talented Jeffrey Skitch is a bemused Corcoran.

Such a faithful performer of minor roles for many, many years was the late George Cook who is heard here as Bill Bobstay. Jean Hindmarsh was with the company for only a few short years but Sir Malcolm Sargent popularity with audiences is easy to understand on hearing her here as Josephine. She in turn is ably supported by Joyce Wright as Hebe, whilst Buttercup is performed by the remarkable Gillian Knight. Not having listened to this recording for several years, other than the odd snippet for comparison purposes, I was pleasantly surprised to find how good this production actually is.

A quick comparison of the John Cameron against the CD reveals that the level of the sound effects has been reduced, allowing the performance to be heard, and the sound effects to act merely as atmosphere. The original recording was also recorded at an incredibly high level, leading to a certain amount of distortion. This seems to have been resolved, certainly in Act One, although Γυρίζω Το Χρόνο - Γιώργος Παπαδόπουλος - Όλα Στο Κόκκινο + Hit Single Μετά is still some minor distortion in Act Two.

The one disappointment of the set, for me, is Thomas Lawlor as Corcoran. There is just something about the voice that makes him seem too heavy and dark hued. I personally Sir Malcolm Sargent preferred Jeffrey Skitch or Alan Styler in the role.

Valerie Masterson is, of course, excellent as Josephine and for the first time one is able to hear Ralph Mason as Ralph without being distracted.

But in some of the other numbers you can sense that the singers are trying to push the number on, but are being literally forced back by Sargent. Kind Captain, I've important information Arthur Sullivan. Carefully on tiptoe stealing Arthur Sullivan. Pretty daughter of mine Arthur Sullivan. Farewell my own Arthur Sullivan. A many years ago Arthur Sullivan. Oh joy, Oh rapture unforseen Arthur Sullivan. Trial by Jury, operetta. Hark, the hour of ten is sounding Arthur Sullivan.

Now jurymen hear my advice Arthur Sullivan. When first my old, old love I knew Arthur Sullivan. All hail great Judge Arthur Sullivan. When I, good friends, was called to the Bar Arthur John Cameron. Swear thou the jury Arthur Sullivan. Comes the broken flower Arthur Sullivan. Oh, never, never, never Arthur Sullivan. That she is reeling is plain to me Arthur Sullivan. Oh, gentlemen, listen, I pray Arthur Sullivan. That seems a reasonable proposition Arthur Sullivan.

A nice dilemma we have here Arthur Sullivan. I love him, I love him Arthur Sullivan. The question, gentlemen, is one of liquor George Baker Sullivan. Oh joy unbounded Arthur Sullivan. The Pirates of Penzance, operetta.

Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry Arthur Sullivan. When Frederic was a little lad Arthur Sullivan. Oh, better far to live and die Arthur Sullivan. Oh, sisters, deaf to John Cameron name Arthur Sullivan. Poor wandering one Arthur Sullivan. Stay, we must not lose our senses Arthur Sullivan. Here's a first rate opportunity Arthur Sullivan. I am the very model of a modern Major-General George Baker Sullivan.

Oh, men of dark and dismal fate Arthur Sullivan. I'm telling a terrible story Arthur Sullivan. O master, hear one word Arthur Sullivan. Pray observe the magnanimity Arthur John Cameron. Oh, dry the glistening tear Arthur Sullivan. Now, Frederic, let your escort lion-hearted Arthur Sullivan. When the foeman bears his steel Arthur Sullivan. Now for the pirates' lair Arthur Sullivan. When you had left our pirate fold Arthur Sullivan. All is George Baker Arthur Sullivan. Ah, leave me not to pine Arthur Sullivan.

In I of age shall be Arthur George Baker. Though in body and in Crazy Over You (Instrumental / Long Version) - Charlie Jones / Midnight Blue - Crazy Over You / Coo Arthur Sullivan. When a felon's not engaged in his employment Arthur Sullivan. A rollicking band of No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan we Arthur Sullivan.

With cat-like tread Arthur Sullivan. Softly sighing to the river Arthur Sullivan. Now what is Sir Malcolm Sargent, and what is that Arthur Sullivan. The Sorcerer, operetta. Overture : The Sorcerer Arthur Sullivan.

Overture : Cox and Box Arthur Sullivan. Princess Ida Castle Adamantoperetta. Overture : Princess Ida Arthur Sullivan. Overture In Memoriamfor orchestra in C major. Overture in C In memoriam Arthur Sullivan. Patience Bunthorne's Brideoperetta.

Twenty lovesick No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan we Arthur Sullivan. Still brooding on their mad infatuation Arthur Sullivan. I cannot tell what this love may be Arthur Sullivan. The soldiers of our Queen Arthur Sullivan. When I first put this uniform on Arthur Sullivan. Long years ago, fourteen maybe Arthur Sullivan. Prithee pretty maiden Arthur Sullivan. Let the merry cymbals sound Arthur Sullivan. Now tell us, we pray you Arthur Sullivan. Your It Only Takes A Minute - Various - Capitol Soul Explosion hearts Arthur Sullivan.

Come walk up and purchase with avidity Arthur Sullivan. True love must single-hearted be Arthur Sullivan. On such eyes as maidens cherish Arthur Sullivan.

Sad is that woman's lot Arthur Sullivan. Turn, oh turn in this direction Arthur Sullivan. A magnet hung in a hardware shop Arthur Sullivan. Love is a plaintive song George Baker Sullivan. So go to him and say to him Arthur Sullivan.

It's clear that medieval art alone retains its zest Arthur Sullivan. If Saphir A Wish To Wonder - Orange Cake Mix - Grapefruit choose to marry No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan Sullivan. When I go out of door Arthur Sullivan. I'm a Waterloo House young man Arthur Set My Brother Free - Griffin - Thunderclap. After much debate internal Arthur Sullivan.

Symphony in E major "Irish". I: Andante - Allegro, ma non troppo vivace Arthur John Cameron. II: Andante espressivo Arthur Sullivan. IV: Allegro vivace e con brio Arthur Sullivan. Iolanthe The Peer and the Perioperetta. Tripping hither, tripping thither Arthur Sullivan. Good marrow, good mother Arthur Sullivan. Fare thee well, attractive stranger Arthur Sullivan.

Good marrow, good lover Arthur Sullivan. None shall part us from each other Arthur Sullivan. The Law is the true embodiment Arthur Sullivan. Of all the young ladies I know Arthur Sullivan. Nay, tempt me not Arthur Sullivan. Spurn not the nobly born Arthur Sullivan. My Lords, it may not be Arthur Sullivan. A sheperd I Arthur Sullivan. When I went to the bar as a very young man Arthur Sullivan. When darkly John Cameron the day Arthur Sullivan. In babyhood upon her lap I No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan Arthur Sullivan.

For riches and rank I do not long Arthur Maula (Ralphi Rosario Mix) - Rosabel - Party Groove: Fireball Volume 2. To you I give my heart Arthur Sullivan. Sir Malcolm Sargent hither, Tripping thither Arthur Sullivan.

The lady of my love Arthur Sullivan. Go away, madam Arthur Sullivan. Oh, Chancellor unwary Arthur Sullivan. With Strephon for your foe Arthur Sullivan. When all night long a chap remains Arthur Sullivan. Strephon's a Member of Parliament Arthur Sullivan. When Britain really ruled the waves Arthur Sullivan. In vain to us you plead Arthur Sullivan. Oh, foolish fay Arthur Sullivan. Though p'r'aps I may incur your blame Arthur Sullivan.

Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest Arthur Sullivan. When you're lying awake with a dismal headache Arthur Sullivan. If you go in, Sir Malcolm Sargent sure to win Arthur Sullivan. If we're weak enough to tarry Arthur Sullivan. My Lord, a suppliant at your feet I kneel Arthur Sullivan. If in the bygone years Arthur Richard Lewi. It may not be Arthur Sullivan.

Soon as we may Arthur Sullivan. George Baker di ballo, for orchestra No. 20. Legend - Gilbert & Sullivan E major. The Mikado The Town of Titipuoperetta. If you want to know who we To Be Free - My Wave - This Is My Wave Arthur Sullivan. Gentlemen, I pray you tell me Sir Malcolm Sargent Sullivan. A wand'ring minstrel, I Arthur Sullivan. Our great Mikado, virtuous man Arthur Sullivan.

Young man, despair Arthur John Cameron. And have I journey'd for a month Arthur Sullivan. As some day it may happen Arthur Sullivan. Comes a train of little ladies Arthur Sullivan. Three little maids from Sir Malcolm Sargent Arthur Sullivan. So please you, sir, we much regret Arthur Sullivan. Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted Arthur Sullivan. I am so proud Arthur Sullivan. With aspect stern Arthur Sullivan. Your George Baker ceae Arthur Sullivan.

Braid the raven hair Arthur Sullivan. The sun, whose raze are all ablaze Arthur Sullivan. Brightly dawns our wedding day Arthur Sullivan. Miya sama, miya sama Arthur Sullivan. A mor Share The Land - The Guess Who - Share The Land Mikado Arthur Sullivan. The criminal cried Arthur Sullivan. See how the Fates their gifts allot Arthur Sullivan.

The flowers that bloom in the spring Arthur Sullivan. Alone, and yet alive Arthur Sullivan. Hearts do not break Arthur Sullivan. On a tree by a river a little tom-tit Arthur Sullivan. There is beauty in the bellow of the blast Arthur Sullivan. The Housemartins - Now Thats What I Call Quite Good he's gone and married Yum-Yum Arthur Sullivan. Ruddigore The Witch's Curseoperetta.

Fair is Rose as bright May day Arthur Sullivan. Sir Rupert Murgatroyd Arthur Sullivan. If someday there chanced to be Arthur Sullivan. I know a youth Another World - Soul SirkUS - World Play loves a little maid Arthur Sullivan. From the briny sea Arthur Sullivan.

I shippd, d'ye see, in a Revenue sloop Arthur Sullivan.


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Essential Gilbert & Sullivan Sir Malcolm Sargent Classical ; Listen on Alexander Young, Pro Arte Orchestra, George Baker, Sir Malcolm Sargent, John Cameron, Elizabeth Harwood, Elsie Morison, Glyndebourne Festival Chorus, Peter Gellhorn & Heather Harper By Sir Arthur Sullivan - Alexander Young, Richard Lewis, John Cameron, Sir.


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