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Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time

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Download Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston  - Twilight Time

Each selection, from Debussy's Clair de Lune to the torchant Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, was chosen to showcase a particular mood from the many made possible through this delightful instrumental pairing of orchestra and organist.

There's the depth of feeling portrayed by Moonlight Sonata and Reverie Not to be overlook is the new styling of the well-remembered hit combination of "Moonglow" and "Theme from Picnic. Chet Atkins. Lover's Guitar Chet Atkins. Lenny Breau. Henry Mancini. The Happiest Millionaire. Italian Guitars. Love Strings Felix Slatkin. Felix Slatkin. Steinways Staged for Stereo. Raymonde, Walker. Liberace New Sounds. Enoch Light. Lenny Dee. Everything Under the The Merrymen - You Sweeten Me. Music for Dreaming.

Bert Kaempfert. Ohta San Ukulele Isle. Ohta San. Horst Country Boy Love - Granger Smith - Remington. Marcos Valle. Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time Magnate. Martin Denny. Favorites Champagne Style. I'm sure most of them are also aware that I have a special warm spot in my heart for the instrumentalists, the musicians who make up our band, known since as the Champagne Music Makers.

This group has been the backbone of our organization since we first started, and was largely responsible for our initial success in music. I believe the band today is at its all-time peak, both from the standpoint of individual musicianship and its high degree of excellence as a unit.

Lately our audience has expressed a desire to hear more of the kind of music that built our reputation, our Champagne style. In this new all-instrumental album the first of its type we've recorded in several yearswe've tried to comply with this request from our legion of loyal listeners, and I think we've succeeded most admirably. We've selected some of the top tunes of the past years and dressed them up in brand new arrangements which retain our familiar Champagne Style while adding some of that wonderful Big Band Sound.

Among the highlights of the album are My Sweet Lord - George Harrison - All Things Must Pass distinctive and beautiful work of our flute and string sections, plus some outstanding solo performances by Henry Cuesta on clarinet and Bob Smale at the various keyboards.

If your tastes run to find ensemble performance, top-notch musicians functioning at top level, I can assure you, yuo have a "multiple choice. Lawrence Welk's Champagne Memories. The cameramen maneuver into position. The spotlights are carefully trained on him. Cueing his musicians as he does before everyone performance may seem to some somewhat ritualistic, rather than a time-honered symbol. But for the maestro it is a necessity; his mind continues to plan ahead with metronomic accuracy, so that he can move from task to task with a minimum waste of time and energy.

Outwardly, there is very little, other than his phenomental success, to set him off from any other person of his time. Those people not acquainted with him and who isn't? He is not one bit flamboyant and not in the least pretentious. On the contrary, his mannerisms before the television cameras suggest that he is shy-almost retiring.

His speech is patterened with a distinct accent, the Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time of the German background of his parents. Yet no one connect with show business will so much as question the legend of Lawrence Welk's success, as both a musician and an entertaining showman.

Turkey in the Straw Next to the Waltz From Eugene Onegin - Tchaikovsky*, Bernstein*, New York Philharmonic Orchestra*, Ormandy*, T of eight children, the Lawrence Welk saga began near the turn of the century, back on the farmlands of North Dakota. Here, isolated from even a fair-sized community, Lawrence joined his older brothers in the fields.

Like them, he polowed and cultivated the land, pitched hay, threshed grain, and hurried to plant seed as soon as frost left the hard ground in the spring, so there would be an early crop. Such physical labor developed his muscles and slowly transformed him from a gangling boy into a husky, broad-shouldered youth.

His physique helped to steel him against the tempestuous Mid-western winters, but it could not spare him from the deepening loneliness or from the strange soundings from within, an insatiable craving that was tempering his spirit. Perhaps he was hardly old enough to understand it then, but his musical bent stood in the way of ever allowing him to be content to spend the rest of his life on a farm.

At a very tender age, young Lawrence was drawn to the accordion his father brought with him from Europe. Self-taught, he used to practice incessantly as the blizzards swpt in from the north, while the snow piled up beyond the windows and Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time wind unleashed its demonic fury and the wolves howled eerily from the dark clump of trees just over the swell of the fields.

Although his formal education ended abruptly while he was still very young, he found ways and means of preparing himself for the musical career that was Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time follow. By the time he was 13, this youngest was playing at weddings-even though he could not read one note of music. Since Lawrence loved music with a consuming passion, he felt that he had to rectify this deficiency. Therefore, one day he clipped a coupon from a local newspaper and quickly enrolled in the correspondence coursess offered by the United States School of Music.

Even as a child, music had become his all. Many hours he would sit by himself in the hayloft and play his beloved accordion.

In his spare time, which was indeed rare, he want so far as to build a violin with bits of sticks, string, and a box. Soft Lights and Sweet Music I. Berlin 2. Tiger Rag D. DeCosta With Pete Fountain 3. Bye Bye Blues F. Gray 4. Von Tilzer-A. Lewis Record 1 : Side 2 1. Alexander's Ragtime Band I. Whiffenpoof Song G. Elmer's Tune D. Gellop Vocal By Jayne Walton 5. You Are My Sunshine J. Whispering J. Rose 2.

Beautiful Ohio M. Roger Boom B. Hilliard Presents Larry Hooper 4. Ebb Tide C. Maxwell Vocal By Gene Pursell 5. In The Mood J. Razaf Record 2 : Side 2 1. Gilbert 2. Bubbles In The Wine B. Loesser 3. Dickens 4. Till We Meet Again R. Egan Vocal By Roberts Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time 5.

Smiles J. Hart 2. Maple Leaf Rag S. Joplin With "Big" Tiny Little 3. Malaguena E. Lecuona 4. Thank you very much for your kind praises. It is my retribution for this work. To share and to diffuse the beautiful Moonglow - Living Strings Featuring Bob Ralston - Twilight Time with people like you is my true satisfaction. Euclydes, Yella In Deze Margielas - DJ Frank WhiteYung Bleu - Investments 2 Brazil.

The good musical taste, that seemed missing, now it can be appreciated again. This Blog is destined to show and to teach, mostly to new generations, that the good music is still alive. Then, take advantage of it. However, this is a blog without lucrative purposes. If you have any complaint to do, please, contact me and I will remove the pointed item. My only purpose is to diffuse the good music. Nothing else.


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