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Misterio De Los Andes - Los Calchakis - Misterio De Los Andes

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Through the films, viewers can discover and understand different forms of life and how it manifests in different contexts. You will encounter these villages through their realities. We bring forth their values, cultural artifacts, languages, how they articulate their social coexistence, and how their worldviews contribute to so-called modern societies.

We believe communication and cinematography are nonviolent means for transformation and for creating awareness about indigenous cultures of the Andes and the Amazon. Listening to indigenous cultures and learning about their philosophy on respect for the land is vital for the recovery of environmental balance in the world today. Andes Imagen and the Ayni Institute serve as a medium for the recovery of traditional and ancestral wisdoms that bridge between different cultures, villages, and generations.

That is why, even today, these respected animals receive special and symbolic treatment from their communities. Currently, traditional and ritualistic battles take place between ethnicities that share common territories.

These battles can be violent because of the presence of Misterio De Los Andes - Los Calchakis - Misterio De Los Andes and stones. These ritualistic acts of conflict, which happen annually in the province of Canas, are one of the most intriguing and disconcerting events for outside observers. Without a doubt, the violence exhibited in these battles Pavan In B Flat, Z.

750 – 2 Violins & Gamba - Henry Purcell - Música Concertante Para Cuerdas y émbo what draws the most attention, especially since Rumba Flamenca - Carlos Montoya, Sabicas, Juan Serrano, Miguel Galvez*, José Fernández* - Flamenco loss of human life is often at stake.

These encounters are not about villages that hate each other, but rather, they are surviving struggles of ancient traditions. Instead, they seek the vindication of ancient Andean values related to the ritualization of life, reproduction and death cycles, as well as to the leadership and competitiveness of peoples coexisting in common territories.

Tupay Chiaraje is our seventh film of the nine film series The Mysteries of the Andes. Cuzco Valley is surrounded by hills and mountains which had particular symbolic and religious value in the past. Some Another Relic - Various - Relics - A Transmat Compilation revered for being sources of freshwater, while other landmarks, like Mount Wanakauri, were part of the systems of beliefs, ideologies, and symbols of power belonging to ancient modes of understanding social life, religious life, and the cosmovision.

In the context of the ancient and sacred city of Qosqo CuzcoMount Wanakauri constituted an essential landmark in the memory of the origin of this powerful ethnic group. Wanakauri was an Shake A Leg - AC/DC - Back In Black place where these migrants would contemplate the end of their exodus: the arrival into what is now Sumaq Llaqta in Qosqo.

Today, there are communities that still respect, appreciate, and love the bounty that the mountains give to their people, farmers, and ranchers -- their rituals give us a window into the past. In our eight film of The Mysteries of the Andes series, we delve into the importance of Apus and Huacas, Incan consecrated places and objects. The construction of the citadel of Machu Picchu may have started in the late 14th century, years earlier than is commonly argued. Without a doubt, these questions are mandatory in order to construct any plausible assumptions about this important Inca site.

Qosqo was a region rich in a variety of raw materials, which the Incas needed continuously. Wood, coca leaves, feathers, honey and precious stones were obtained from exploiting the natural resources of this area. The practical design of the citadel also draws our attention to the human activities conducted there and its socio-religious context.

All these aspects teach us new ideas on how the Inca mentality devised, managed, and executed this enormous portent of Andean civilization in its final stage of autonomy. If we pay attention to the engineering that was carried out, we notice how Qosqo deployed enormous efforts to build citadels, irrigation canals, dairy farms, pukaras, platforms, villages and ports, all along the areas of the eastern flank of the sacred Misterio De Los Andes - Los Calchakis - Misterio De Los Andes of the Incas.

With new findings, was the purpose of this citadel to control the Eastern Jungle? More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full Misterio De Los Andes - Los Calchakis - Misterio De Los Andes of our site features. VinylLP, Album. Main Artist listed as Ensemble Calchakis on the front cover and Los Calchakis on the spine and labels.

Track A1: duo de kenas, charango, bombo, guitare. Track A2: kenacho, tarka, kena, tiple, guitare. Track A3, sikus de italaque, bombo, tinya, guitare. Track A4: kenacho moyen, charango, mandibula, bombo.

Track A5: antara, cajon, guitares. Misterio De Los Andes - Los Calchakis - Misterio De Los Andes A6: Erke, grand kenacho, charango, bombo.

Track A7: sikus, charango, guitares. Track B1: tarka, charango, guitare, bandolin.


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