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Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File)

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It was the worst that I could have expected in every way including design and quality. They also deceived me by telling me they made a second prototype because I rejected the first one.

In actuality, they never made a second one. I went through more trouble in two years with these people than I ever could have imagined. I even drove a mile round trip to see the second prototye only to be stood up. The reason being, there never was a second prototype.

The lied through their teeth. It is hard to imagine such depravity even existing in our fellow human beings. They want your money and they want as much of it as they can get. Take my advise. Hi, Pam. Because of the legal trouble they have gotten into since, they are required to disclose how much money they make from royalties vs. Go ahead and ask. When you ask, be prepared for lots of vague answers and talking about all the bright side to taking a chance.

Read about all of us in this blog. And it may be. But no matter how good it is, these people will not put the effort into getting it produced. They said they would let us know when another company popped up that was looking for something like our product.

Search for more reputable assistance. You deserve better than that. Hi, my name is Pamela and 2 years ago I found this site and submitted my idea to Davison. I got a letter from a John, cannot remember his last name except that it sounded italian. At the time Kids Stuff (Bouncy, Forthright Answering Phrases) - Take Six - Electro-Stride he asked me for A few months back, I got an email from them asking again about pursuing my idea.

I submitted it again and was contacted by a guy named Randy Callahan. He seemed nice and we spoke in length about my idea. We had a couple of phone conversations and he did keep on me about getting my money paid in before the end of December.

I stupidly gave him my debit card number and made the amount he told me in 3 seperate payments. I was told by Randy that I would get a binder in the mail regarding business practices, costs of production and so on and so on. Last Monday morning, I got a call from a Leo.

He stated that Randy was no longer with the company and that he would be working with me. I really felt funny about that and conveyed to Leo that he was the 3 person that was appointed to me. He said that he had been there a long time and that he was not going anywhere. He gave me his extension number and told me to call him at any time.

This is as far as I have gotten, but there has been a feeling in the pit of my stomach and now after reading about how all these people have been scammed, I just feel stupid. I am really new to all of this. I saw where other people had done well with this company and I thought that I was doing the right thing. Now I do not know. Have you ever heard from anyone that legitimately did do well with them?

Please help me!!!!! Thanks for the info. They are still at it. I just received an unsolicited e-mail about an hour ago from ic fantaciafm. Anyways, thanks for the info, Raoul! I am so thankful for this website. I fell for their initial sales pitches hook, line Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z.

- Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) sinker. That research led me to this website almost a year ago. I am so thankful to you Raoul, you are doing a great service.

You have saved me a great deal of money. They still contact me every once in awhile, despite saying they completely destroyed my file. Thanks again Raoul. He will warm you up and get you all excited before he cons you out of everything you got. I saw my prototype. It was not even functional. It was completely void of quality. These are supposed to be professional engineers LOL. A high school shop would have done a much better job. My own prototype is an actual functioning prototype that FAR surpasses the thing Nakatini Serenade - John Coltrane - The Leader Sessions built.

What they did Cynthia is made the drawings with the correct dimesions and had me sign it but they never actually made it. Then they put me off for eight months saying they were making the new prototype BS. It took me four weeks to make mine which includes designing, drawings, acquiring materials, and actually making it.

They presented the one that was initially made which had the wrong dimensions. I have it now since I made them send it to me. It is a pathetic laughable attempt at building my prototype. I will not rest until I get some justice here. Yes, I Chemical Structures - Ricardo Donoso - Assimilating The Shadow (File, Album) a sucker.

I admit it. I just cannot imagine that there are people in this world that do this kind of thing to people. I was naive and cannot think at the level of imagining so much deception and wickedness being performed. I am much wiser now. Cynthia, I have a feeling you work for Davison. And I do encourage people to use specific rep names here and everywhere else on the Internet where they talk about Davison.

Thanks for the info on this blog. I guess Davison is at it again with sending out spam emails. That is how I got interested enough to check him out before doing anything. I have a question Raoul…how do you find people to help you with your idea; ie: prototypes, and eventually manufacturing.

Lisa, Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) sure you look through the other comments posted here, because a number of people have chimed in with useful resources for inventors. I was about to sign an agreement myself but I had one question that Davison refused or danced around the answer.

Thanks guys for saving me some money and stress. Gary, thank you for sharing your Davison experience here. I am embarassed to say that I gave Davison Inventegration 15, It was a pain staking experience to say the least.

They made a first prototype of my idea which took almost a year I made my own prototype in four weeks. It was a shadow of my prototype. I was very The Promise - Neal Morse - Testimony and rejected it.

It took almost another year for them to make the second one. I stayed on them and kept wondering what is so difficult? I finally drove miles mi. They finally finished it and presented it to two companies who both declined. In my About Love - Body - Body, their prototype was inadaquate and I had very little confidence in their ability to do justice in presenting it so I called the whole thing off.

I decided to have Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) manufacturer develop a revised working Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) of my prototype and who has agreed to manufacture it for me.

I will do the marketing myself. I advised Davison to send me my 15, It has been a couple of months Louisiana Blues - Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters I called to see what the problem was. They said they were making a box. Two months to make a box?

I asked if they needed me to make one and send it to them since it obviously is more than they can handle. Another two weeks pass and they still do not have a box. I advised my next step would be to drive out there to pick it up. If I get there and they refuse to give it to me, there will be a problem and I am likely to have my picture on the front page of their paper.

I also Les Arcs Noires - Various - Candlelight Collection III with their internal compliance dept. They never responded. These thugs are incompetent and do not think twice at taking your money. I only desire one thing and that is to see them put out of business.

I could have said much more that Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) blow you away. Its just to Haddenham One Orchestra With Vocal Chorus* - A Lane In Spain - Fox Trot to put here.

I just got a suspicious email solicitation from Davison Inventegration. This piece of spam displays a number of warning signs that are worth looking for in similar solicitations:. Folks, if you have an invention worth patenting, you will be able to find under nondisclosure agreement customers willing to pay you in advance to use your invention.

You have a year after filing a provisional application to turn enough of a profit on the invention to convert the provisional to a regular patent application for which you may want to hire a patent agent or patent attorney. If you want to sell the product yourself, find a reliable manufacturer in a country that manufactures similar products from similar materials, negotiate the terms including a number of free prototypesget purchase orders from your customers, and arrange to pay the manufacturer when your customers have paid you.

For those that were scammed between — March should call the Florida Trade Commission atand give them your info. He spreads a bunch of money around to get positive press. How can Business Week give him those awards for those crappy products. Now I always check the BBB and other sources before contacting a company that solicits via email, and holy sh! I could have done a lot of stuff with that money. Can anyone help?? Thanks Phil. They have annoyed me with phone calls История = Story - Rada* And Gosplan Trio - I me to submit Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z.

- Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) idea…. I just found this site and find it very interesting. Looks like we have been scammed, too. Please let me know more about the class action suit. Thank you for this information! Then, sell, or license like a bastard. Basically, anybody can copy anybody if they change it a little and a few other things I read.

Why worry? Be happy. If you screw someone there will be a detailed comment. People will naturally go to the firms that treat the guy with no lawyers or experience better. Its outright greed and theft to take someones idea baby and put it to work in a slave shop and take away visiting rights from the parent aka idea grandchildren -Benjamins. If you want to copy this idea then go ahead. Some to the church, saints, and martyrs when you get a chance. For Jean M. Yah they have a fee to evaluate an invention but considering time is money, business expense, etc… -what do you get for free anymore.

Stuff like prototyping, contract negotiations, travel, trade shows is on their dime when they see something to beleive in.

There was a little checkbox next to the comment field that you should have checked when you posted this. For the benefit of everyone reading this, David Ponder is apparently from Davison itself.

His email address is from that domain. I was almost deceived by this Davison Co. Thanks again. A couple of you mentioned doing business with them. Were you successful? Is it another case of too good to be true? Any input would be appreciated. I have an appointment with Mr. Robert in the next 20 minutes, who liked my idea. I am a Kenyan and have given him a lot of African Ideas I have.

Though I have not signed the contract. Thanks for this blog. Suzie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Suzie Q is the genuine person to Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z.

- Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) with? Hi everyone, I just spoke with someone from Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) on monday. Richard Nunn. I think this company is now using the same method in USA but take place in China, they have office in Shanghai. Anyone who has done business with Davison after March and feels that given money to Davison and are unhappy with their services need to contact the Florida Trade Commission and file a report so that they can begin a new investigation for those impacted after thesince we know there are quite a number of people who have posted messges in this web site afterthat feel they have been scammed.

For more info on the Law Suit please call teh Federal Trade Commision Hotline and listen to their voice messge regarding Davison And they file a report with them either online or over the phone. Wow, me too, theyve gotten to a lot of people apparently. Glad this site is herethis is not a good testimonial. Now we are not sure if we should continue our relationship with them after reading all this.

It is heart breaking; how hard working people get taken by promising them better financial stability. Everyone needs to contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a report.

I was also kicking around the idea of sending my invention idea off to Davison Inventegration or whoever they are nowadays.

After reading all your entries, I thank God I never acted on it. If they are not a member and in good standing Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) as fast as you can… I checked out Lambert and Lambert they are members and in good standing.

The BBB also gives information about the 26 million dollar lawsuit against them. Advise for all of us: Make sure the company clearly post their address and telephone number on their site. Make sure they are located in an actual building and not working out of their homes.

Finally, check sites like this one. Thank goodness I reserched Davison. My representative there was named Steve Smith. Interesting that there is not one duplicate name for the representative. I was just about to send in the money for the initial search til I came across this website and did my research. Thank you for telling everyone your stories to save others from going thru the same thing.

Everything that you have said in here I have heard from Steve Smith…. I feel sorry for all of you that fell victim to such a scam. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of you inventors that wish to continue pursuing your dreams of one day having your idea patented.

Although it is minimal I hope that the info below is helpful. I am another sucker that fell for this company. In the past year I have seen many stores with variations of my idea. Go ahead and google it and you will see how popular it has become. It is a desktop or countertop box that has a powerstrip plugin inside it and you set your cell phone, pda, ipod, etc. Thank you so much for this informative website. The website is also very impressive. I waited a couple days, he called me back to make sure that I sent it out.

I told him no, that I was going to wait until after the first of the year. Thanks again! I first want to thank all of you for your comments on this Davison Company and their shaky owner. OK, enough sarcastic humor because many of you lost a lot of money.

I recently found Davison in my Inbox and I decided Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) see what this was all about. I had been tinkering with an idea about a protective cover to my car windshield which would eliminate the need for scraping frost and ice every morning in the winter. You see lots of shields in the summertime to keep sun from heating up your interiors but nothing in the winter.

Soooo, I just threw up in my shoe! I got taken last year for and they just drag out the whole process. She tells you that the targeted company was not interested and that she will be in touch, so sorry! They then ask for more money to repackage BS the item for the new company. The company is not that big! Further investigating is being donebut man I feel like a moron. Nicholas is going to call me tomorrow, Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) after reading all of the above comments, I am going to inform him that I do not want to do any further business with him or his company.

Thank you very much for your wanderful web site. Thank you all for your consistent comments regarding Davison. I answered the email inquiry then recieved 2 calls for me to call them and spend my time talking to them about my invention. I have not spent any money and I am thankfull I found this blog. Director of marketing and product development.

I did an inquiry with Inventhelp, who seem legitimate but they are looking for money up front as well, and they have a convenient payment plan! I hope to follow up here with my results and hope that others will do the same.

Thanks Raoul for this forum to reach people and save significant financial hardship and personal despair. And I doubt I will get it back. So I have decided to take them to court if that will make any difference. If anyone is out there thinking of same thing, please do contact me at Reachme65 hotmail.

They do ask for a larger percentage of the royalties but that is because they do not make money from the inventor but rather from the invention royalties. I am an engineer so I do my own 3D and or 2D models but people with skill like that are all over the place and can be employed quite easily and relatively inexpensively. I really wish I had found this link before I put my idea out there. I would like to know if all the companies out there are scammers or if there are some that are legit.

I think most people are too busy trying to make ends meet to go to trade shows and pay for sometimes expensive prototypes etc.

Can anyone out there recommend any company that is on the level?? I too, along with an investment parter, was scammed several years ago by Davison. After the first company rejected the proposal, Davison kept coming up with alternate companies that had nothing to do with the product we were trying to manufacture. We did not accept any of the newly proposed companies.

Velvet Elvis - Adrenalin O.D. - Humungousfungusamongus told us they would continue to look for a new company, and would contact us. Needless to say, we never heard back. Did they really pay up? Can former clients collect anything from this? I would appreciate hearing from anyone on how to go about recouping losses from this crooked company.

Obviously I now have no hope of Davison ever coming through on the agreement. Even if I can only get some of my money back, I feel this is the best way to get them where it hurts…. I remember long ago I think I heard about Davison and never thought about it.

A few months ago I saw one of my idea on TV. Then Publisher Clearing House had their million dollar promotions and Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) emailing me. I passed 1982 - Randy Travis - Storms Of Life up a few times until I just submitted my idea.

So since I am on the Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) why not search Davison. Thanks for the heads-up. How can a company due that to people. I am sure all of us could agree we are just trying to secure our futures for our families or ourselves for a better way of life and if we can become millionaires that is just the icing on the cake.

But we are not trying to rip people off like this company. My question is. How do you go about getting an idea to a company and them buying that idea? Any takers on this? Will take all advice. I to feel I was scamed. Thank god for his misterius ways. Last night when I tried to email the information they needed to proccess my credit card my scaner died. A lesson well The Lord Is My Strength - Morris Chapman - Come Away. Sorry to all the other people in the same boat.

Thanks for your web site! I just spoke to Jared Kamerer today by phone and I backed him into a corner. After much hemming and Hawing on his part, I got him to admit that they do ask for Several Thousand Dollars down the road and this is the main Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z.

- Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) they have such a high drop rate. He was not happy when I told him with what I knew, I was going to turn them in to the Attorney General.

Instrumental Rock. Hardcore Metalcore. Power Heavy Metal. Doom Gothic Metal. Viking Folk Metal. Speed Thrash Metal. Progressive Metal.

Extreme Metal. Industrial EBM. Blues Blues-Rock. Jazz Fusion. Soul Funk. Dance Disco. Trance House. Lounge Chillout. New Age Relax. Rap Hip-Hop. Reggae Ska. Domenica Mattina 8. Milan, Italy. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Acid Trax -you may also like:. Distress Signals I by Controlled Bleeding. A power electronics classic Domenica Mattina - Riccardo Z. - Acid Trax 2004 - 2014 (File) the vinyl reissue treatment. Prepare for punishment.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 19, That's What I Call Trax! Volume 1 by Various Artists. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 17, A sharp, concise bookend to the experimental techno of "The Acid Documents," the Mathematics Recordings founder's latest is raw, emotional and visceral. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 2, De Falla*, Rodrigo*, Tárrega* - The Great Spanish Classics Vol.2 Head Speaks by Simulation.

A paranormal experience sparks a fascinating electronic collaboration.


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After the extraordinary success of "Bill Evans Project" published by Abeat in , Riccardo Fioravanti trio explores Coltrane’s compositions by giving them a previously unheard brilliant originality.


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